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It’s obvious that any town will change over a period of 400 years. Let’s have a look at how the names have changed since the year 1600 (starting at the top of this map)..

Street Name Changes

  1. Arden Street was Pound Lane until 1879

  2. Bancroft Gardens was an open field called Bank Croft and Butt Close

  3. Bridgefoot was called The Causey

  4. Bridge Street had slums down the middle, Middle Row, which were pulled down (link to go here)

  5. Bull Street was Bull Lane

  6. Chapel Lane was Walkers Street (which continued all the way to the river)

  7. Cox’s Yard was much further from the river opposite Swan Gates

  8. Evesham Crossing had a pub “The Two Elms”

  9. Guild Street was Gild Pits (this originally was an open sewer with much effluent from the brewery)

  10. Grove Road was Back Lane

  11. Loxley Road was Hares Lane

  12. Lucy’s Mill Bridge was wooden at this time.

  13. Maybird Centre N (where Tesco is) was called Rathmines Terrace (no apostrophe on doc we have)

  14. Mayfield Avenue was Burman’s Lane

  15. New Broad Street didn’t exist (that’s why it’s new)

  16. Sanctus Road was Sanctuary Lane was Sancty Lane.

  17. Scholars Lane was Tinkers Lane

  18. Shipston Road was London Turnpike

  19. Waterside was Bank Croft Side and Butt Lane

  20. West Street was Cross Lane

Pub Name Changes

  1. The Arden Hotel was “The Elm”

  2. The Encore was The Anchor was The Bear

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  1. Town Centre Grid Layout

  2. Two years before he died John de Coutances, the Bishop Of Worcester, decided to set up a town near  the “Strait Ford”. However he wisely thought to leave the original Roman garrison, on the South side of the river, and set up his new town on the North side based upon a grid pattern.

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