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Established August 2023

Last update: 21/06/2024

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From August We Will Meet 2nd and 4th Tuesdays..

Whilst I enjoy our weekly Tuesday gatherings given all the other commitments that all of us have from August we are going to meet twice per month: Second Tuesday at 7:00pm at One Elm Pub in Guild Street (CV37 6QZ) and the Fourth Tuesday at 10:00am Coffee #1 in Henley Street CV37 6EY.

But first: The Barbecue - see below.    All welcome.    Please do join us -we welcome your input.

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Support We have received very positive support and enthusiasm so far but this needs to translate into action. We hope to be up to the job. Please be patient with us as we grow as we only came into being at the end of June 2023 when this website was created and regular meetings started in the October.

We welcome all contributions. Contact can be made by clicking the link to the webmaster’s address below.


Registered with the British Association Of Local History we are a new society, here in Stratford, to provide researchers at home or in schools, colleges and universities, initial material to conduct studies and to find forward contacts to people who are likely know more.

We’re not here to usurp any other group about a town that we all know and love. Quite the reverse we would like you to visit the others listed on our Links page. It is wonderfully true that William Shakespeare and his many associates contributed greatly to the richness of the English language, our culture, our humour and how stage drama and poetry are portrayed.

Most people don’t realise how much history there was here before and since The Bard and how many inventions and significant pieces of history were fomented here. Our collected pointers to local resources and archives of local material are not there to seek to exclude Will The Quill but redress the balance of factual support whilst engaging you the reader in some unique ways.

Obviously it is the Histories pages that will significantly expand over time.

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SLHS Expanding. If we are to succeed we need you:  New Museum Officers Needed

Planning funding for a new Local History Museum..   Proposed Local History Museum

Details of the Debenhams High Street replacement...   The New Motto Hotel

1950‘s Min Of Transport plan to fill in and long divert of river for:  New Clopton Bridge

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Created: 23/06/2023


  25 Jun  7pm

  2 July 7pm *Extraordinary Meeting: Bank Account

  9 July 7pm

   16 July 10:00am at Coffee#1 Henley Street

23 July 7pm

30 July 7pm

* In order to take our next step forward HSBC require us to decide to open a bank account. This meeting will be to judge the will of as many members as possible so please do come to support this cause. The vote will be taken at 7:15 and take 2mins.

Celebrate First Year

We are almost a year old. Whether you know us or not please join us to celebrate.

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From August Meetings are twice per month

    13 Aug 6pm BBQ   (see below)

    10 Aug 10:00am at Coffee#1 Henley Street