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Approximately 60,000 species die out every year. Well over half because man changes their environment. And it’s not just polar bears but life in our oceans is now being seriously affected because the seas are warming up and polar ice caps are melting. Does this have to be inevitable ?

  If enough people act mindfully and simply change the throw away culture then we will make a huge difference. It’s not rocket science.


SLHS actively support the following organisations..

Want help to make changes or want to help others ? See...

Most of the household products you want but no plastic packaging. See how it works -go to...

Next door to The White Swan pub

First Saturdays at the Methodist Church

NetZero & Repair Café

Zero Shops

Last Season

Throughout July 2023 we were challenged to not use one piece of plastic for anything. It can be done click here to see how..

Most of us will have parties this summer but huge amounts of landfill and recycling doesn’t have to be the way..

The impact of Plastic Free July has gone beyond Lucie’s household. “Not only does she and her family save a lot of money, by saying no to the top four single-use plastics, they are also doing great things for the environment.

They’ve managed to halve their recycling, and putting out the landfill bin each week is a thing of the past.

As a family, they’re committed to doing their bit to be plastic free and were surprised how easy it was.” See what they did here..

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How Simple Is It To Get Fixed ?

Click here to see how (45sec): YT: NetZero Repair Café

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