SLHS Quiz: Guess Where ?


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You think you know Stratford so just for fun you need to use your detective powers to find out where these places are. They are all in plain sight in the centre of Stratford (unless otherwise stated)..

Last update: 08/01/2024

Stratford Quiz

As you walk up this is the view that first confronts you. The front has been redacted.

Hover mouse over for a clue.

Question 1: Where Is This ?

You could be forgiven for thinking this is in an outlying village but this is very central.

Hover mouse over for a clue.

Question 2: Where Is This ?

Numbering is in reverse order so that as more are added they’ll be listed first. But realise because mobiles don’t have a mouse they may not be able to hover over for a clue (sorry). A 3sec steady press on the image may work on the more recent iPhones. All pages are best viewed on a desk computer.

More coming soon..

Answer link in the bottom info bar..   but why not go looking around the town first ?


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If you’ve done well ?

Then I’ll let you have a look at the Sydney Morning Herald..   49 Modern Wonders Of The World

Question 3

It’s not hidden at all -it’s there big as you like in plain sight.

Hover mouse over for a clue.

It’s a very old street, obviously.

Hover mouse over for a clue.

Question 4: Where Is This ?

Question 5: Where Is This ?

Last update: 08/01/2024