SLHS Data Availability Status


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Current Data Availability

As stated in our society brief it is expected that the initial population of these pages will take about a year from when we started in July 2023. It’s obvious that with a project of this size, during the planning ahead, not all pages will be completed at the same time.

However you will be frustrated if all you come across is promises of more coming soon and so we have adopted a traffic light status system so that you are informed in the following ways..

What The Traffic Lights Mean

  1. ● Full

  2. We’ve posted all we know at the present time. Although as more comes to light we’ll add that.

  3. ● Partial

  4. A page has been started but not all available data has been formatted and posted.

  5. ● None

  6. This is a new page waiting to have our data added. It’ll be a place holder so that the correct links can be checked. Cross-referencing is actually a big part of the project.

  7. ● Black

  8. Necessarily it’s meaningless that the Master Pages have a colour in the Menu. However the links upon those Master Pages will.

Please bear with us.

Last update: 20/02/2024


You Can Help

This is an open project. If you want to help or have any information on our beloved town and its environs we’d like to hear from you. Either come and see us, as detailed on our Home page, or email the Webmaster below. See the Contributor’s Guide (shortcut below) for how we like the data.

It’s all our history


  1. Data Availability

  2. ● Full

  3. ● Partial

  4. ● None

Page Data Updates

Old links may not work.

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