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Further Information..

  1. A good introduction (800k download): BriefHistoryOfBritishCanals_OS1993.pdf

  2. A very full treatise: (1M download):     StratfordCanalHistory_WarwickshireCountyCouncil.pdf

SLHS Picture & Document Archives..

  1. Picture Vault:  Stratford Canal

● Unique Barrel Cottages  ● Unique Split Bridges   ● Guillotine Lock   ● First British Canal Restored*

● Unique Beam Engine

Kings Norton, Birmingham to Stratford.

Last update: 28/06/2024

  1. Details of ‘first’ above:  “The canal was eventually restored by volunteers led by David Hutchings and became the first canal restoration in the country. It was officially re-opened, in 1964 by Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother.” See Canal & River Trust.

Official Websites

  1. Started by my father as Treasurer: Stratford Canal Society

  2. The current maintainers who have a reasonable search facility: Canal & River Trust: Stratford

Canal Plan

  1. I cannot say enough good things about this website. Click Gazeteer on their Home page to see a map of most of the world covering 32,000 miles of waterways, 27,000 places with 38,000 photographs. Whilst they do not chat they have, of course, produced the technical definitive work on waterways of the UK. SEE THIS ONE: Canal Plan: Stratford Canal

  2. For alternatives see: UK Waterways RS

  1. Descriptive treatise by Historic England:  National Overview_History Of All Canal & River Navigations.pdf (14Mb download)


● These items have aspects that uniquely contribute to national or world history.

Canal Museums..

  1. Recommendations: FoxBoats

  2. Ellesmere Port: TripAdvisor Very Positive

  1. Canal Details

  2. A separate mini-series on the innovative methods used.

  3.     1. Lock Construction

  4.     2. Gate Construction

  5.     3. Narrowboat Acceleration System - Gears

  1. Data Availability

  2. ● Full

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