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Live Music & Mime In The Streets

Not only do London, Liverpool and Edinburgh have buskers but Stratford has a full complement too. You might want to encourage them a little (some even have EFPOS for donations)..

Last update: 26/02/2024

I’m an ex-Prime Minister
 - get me outa here ?

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Dulcimer - Damian Clarke (June 2023)
He may be seen playing here: YT
Classical Acoustic Guitar -Marcin Majkowski - Poland
(June 2023)
King Lear - Danek - Czech Republic
 (Aug 2018)
John Jarvis
Harp & Folk Group (Jan 2021)
Superb Electric Guitarist (Aug 2023)
Golden Mime Artist (Aug 2021)
Acoustic Guitarist (Nov 2022)
Dance Band (Apr 2022)
MultiInstrumentalist & Canine Management_(June 2018)
Did The Bard himself busk here ?
Superb Female Singer Guitarist_(April2022)
Damian Clarke
Acoustic Guitarist -Rock (Aug 2023)
Piano Cyclist - Rimski (2013)
He may be seen playing here: YT
Golden John & Yoko - Mimi (May 2014)
Shakespeare’s Ghost (Jan 2019)
Superb Acoustic Guitarist - see RikkiHansel    (Aug 2023 & Feb 2024)
Sept 2023
Zach Hodges band: Head To Head (Oct 2023)
After Knights  (single: YT: Breath Juliet) Nov 2023)

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Adam - Stunning acoustic guitarist
(Feb 2024)
Gold Ghost (Feb 2024)
Miss Jenny Instrumental (Feb 2024)